Cabernet Sauvignon grapes ready to harvest


A passion for wine began in the 1970’s with producers such as; Lancers, Blue Nun and Mateus. As our wine experience moved into the 1980’s we began to enjoy wines from California like; Inglenook, RM-Robert Mondavi, Sebastiani and Paul Masson. However; our most memorable experience was with a 1976 Silver Oak, North Coast, Cabernet Sauvignon, made by the late, Justin Meyer. It was this experience that identified Cabernet Sauvignon as “King.”

Through the years, Marie and I have enjoyed fine Cabernet on numerous special occasions. Over time, we discovered a “great” Cabernet would make any occasion, special. Our goal is to make a great Cabernet Sauvignon, in order to make your occasion, special! We hope you enjoy our wine, a much as we have enjoyed making it for you!
Ed & Marie DeWitt